Hi Paul, Just writing to commend your work. Aside from the huge reduction in noise I have now, I think the bigger thing is how much warmer the apartment is now. I walked in after dropping Cameron home tonight and was blown away by how warm it is inside. Obviously I was losing a lot of heat through the single windows. Now i am clearly retaining a lot more of it. Very happy with the work you have done and also your excellent service. I just wish I could keep living in it! Ha

Michelle Cass

Dear Paul, I cannot thank you enough for installing my windows today and for organizing it ahead of time. The Sound reduction is incredible and the product has helped me to be able to stay in my home rather than have to think of selling and moving again.


Hi Paul, Tania here from Elwood. I just wanted to let you know that the noise reduction in the bedroom in which you installed the windows is excellent and my daughter`s sleep quality.

Peel St Collingwood

Dear paul, Just wanted to say how much i value the work you have done for me at peel St. It has transformed my sleeping environment so a big thank you!

Adrian Costa

Hi paul, Just wanted to thank you for today`s job, We are very happy and recorded between 12-14db reduction in passenger car noise! Will contact soon to get more of the noise done thanks mate.