Double Glazed Doors – Soundproofing Doors

If you believe that your home or business needs double-glazed doors to reduce noise or for soundproofing doors, this Melbourne-owned company is here to tell you not spend the money and incur the disruption of completely replacing your current doors with traditional double glazed doors!

We offer a service to retrofit your existing doors with secondary glazed doors, which will effectively offer the same benefits of entirely new double-glazed doors at typically less than half the cost!

Our alternative, where we retrofit an additional glass door inside your existing door to double glaze doors is ideally suited for Melbourne’s climate. They offer numerous benefits including:-

And do note that we offer free, no obligation, on-site quotes.

How Do You Soundproof Existing Doors?

Having tried, tested and perfected our retrofit double-glazing formula over the last 35 years, we’ve found more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits & conveniences offered by retrofitting secondary glazing over traditional double glazed doors.

Secondary glazing doors involves installing another frame of glass on the inside of your pre-existing door to create a double-glazed effect. The process of installing your retrofitted double-glazed doors is quick, inexpensive and incredibly cost, sound and energy efficient.

Double Glazing Door Cost

Installing double glazing means you replace a existing door with a new door with two panes of glass. Secondary glazing existing doors through retrofitting secondary glazing means you only pay for one new pane of glass. So it’s cheaper & less disruptive.

And, it’s better than double glazing as the larger air gap means it better protects your home or business from loud noise such as traffic, aircraft and the hustle-and-bustle of modern day society. Not only this, but it will aid in the reduction of ever-increasing energy bills by reduce heat loss & transfer through your doors through an insulating layer of air between the two panes of glass.

Just ask us for a no-obligation quote and you will see just how competitive our prices are for double glazing doors in Melbourne.

Soundproofing with double glazed patio doors

Will Double-Glazing Doors Alter the Look of My Home?

Whilst these benefits are one thing, we understand how important the look of your doors can be to the overall aesthetic of your home or business. For our premium door soundproofing service, we custom-build ultra-thin frames with optional colour-matching so you can enjoy the benefits of secondary double-glazing without any disruptions to the internal look of your property.

And of course, as we do not remove existing doors, the external appearance of your property will remain exactly the same. This is of particular importance if you have a heritage listed property or in some strata title situations.

Don’t just take our word for it – our award-winning retrofit glazing has been used throughout Australia & Europe in homes, offices, hotels and public buildings. Examples include Melbourne University, RMIT, Dandenong City Council Offices, heritage listed buildings in Melbourne, Epworth Eastern Private Hospital, … we were chosen for these jobs as our process of sound proofing doors & windows has been shown that it can be used in heritage listed buildings where it’s prohibited to replace the existing doors.

At Sound Proof Glazing our experts know just how beneficial double-glazing doors can be to sound proofing Melbourne properties. Once our team have completed the installation you will immediately notice a difference in the volume of sound coming into your home.

Double Glazed Soundproof Door Cross Section

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Sound Insulated Double Glazed Doors

Sound Proof Windows is a family-run Melbourne company who carefully manufactures and installs a secondary glazing product that has the best verified sound or noise reduction test results (See Sound Test Results). It also comprises the thinnest, most unobtrusive aluminium door frames which will blend right in with your home or business.

Double Glazed Doors

Perfect for insulating your home or office, as well as reducing outside noise from coming inside, our premium double-glazed doors can help Melbourne residents live and work in comfort and peace.

Of course, look at the competition – but don’t miss an opportunity for a visit from a Sound Proof Windows Representative to understand the benefits and just how much money you could save. Call us about the best alternative to traditional double glazed doors in Melbourne today on 1300 127 173 or use our Contact Form to send us a message.