Office Soundproofing
How to Soundproof a Home Office

How can you reduce noise in an office?

A question we are often asked is “How can you reduce noise in an office?” … and this question is posd by both those with home offices or those with offices in commercial settings.

We know, based on scientific evidence, that the most effective means of soundproofing offices is via secondary double glazing and it is also far more cost effective, or simply it’s much, much cheaper than installing traditional double glazing.

How to soundproof my office?

Firstly, if you are asking this question we could safely assume that you have an existing office that is already fitted with glass windows &/or doors.

And, it is often the case that there are noisy roads near the existing external facing windows or some other source of disruptive noise such as nearby construction.

You may have a need to keep sound in or contained in a particular glass enclosed space, for say a conference room where confidential meetings are taking place.  Or you may want to keep noise out of a glass enclosed space so you can conduct meetings or day to day business in a more condusive environment.

So … how is our solution of retrofiting double glazing, superior to your other alternatives?

Let us count the ways!

Soundproofing office confidential meeting room using the highest quality soundproofing glass - 16.8mm Acoustic - with our Smart system Aluminum profile.
Soundproofing office confidential meeting room using the highest quality soundproofing glass - 16.8mm Acoustic - with our Smart system Aluminum profile.

Benefits of Seconary Double Glazing for office soundproofing

  1. Retrofitted double glazing can be applied to literally any existing windows &/or glass doors.
    When we install retrofitted secondary double glazing, we install completely new secondary windows (or doors) on the inside of your existing windows. This means that our soundproffing solution be applied to most rental, strata title & heritage listed buildings as we make no changes to he existing windows or external facade of the building.
  2. It’s cheaper than traditional double glazing.
    Because our soundproofing solution requires us to manufacture and supply a window (or door) with only one pane of glass, it is typically 40% cheaper than traditional double glazing, where a new window (or door) with two panes of glass is supplied and installed.
  3. It’s gives better soundproofing for your office.
    The science proves this. If you read the Sound Test Results information, you will see that our Secondary Double Glazed Windows provide a Sound Reduction Index of 45dB (45 decibels). And you can also hear the difference if you watch & listen to the video.
  4. You will save on heating & cooling costs.
    Our secondary double glazing provies better thermal insulation than traditional double glazing or other solutions such as window film or UPVC glass. Again, the science proves it.
    You will see on the Save Energy Costs page, the “U value” rating of our secondary double glazed windows is around half that of traditional double glazing, which means our retrofitted double glazed windows are far more energy efficient.
  5. Quicker & less disruptive to install.
    Its really quite obvious that our process of installing a new interior window will be far less disruptive & much quicker that having to completely remove the existing windows & replace them with new double glazed windows. You can watch our videos to see for yourself just how simple the installation proces is and how we can manage to install new secondary double glazing in typically less than one hour per window &/or door.

How to soundproof your office

Soundproof office quotes in Melbourne?

If you have any questions or you need more information regarding soundproofing your office & you’re in Melbourne, please contact us on 1300 127 173 or use our contact form to send us a message or arrange a free, on-site, no obligation consultation, measure & quote for retrofitting double glazing to existing windows throughout Melbourne for low cost & highly effective effective soundproofing & insulation for existing glass windows & doors.