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Stop Drafts, bugs and dust

Our window systems can help counter the negative effects caused by the gaps of opening windows

The heating and cooling loss from an unsealed home, through gaps around doors and windows can be up to 15%. This is equivalent to removing a few bricks from your wall.

Draughty windows affect your comfort

Draughts through your windows can create cold spots around the room, particularly around the legs and feet, as a result heating is normally turned up higher to compensate, even the dog will want to jump up on the couch next to you. The tight tolerances designed into our secondary glazing system keep cold air and dust out whilst retaining the warm air in the building.


Extensive use is made of air-conditioning in today’s busy offices, shops, and at home. Installing secondary will help to reduce the energy used in cooling the building and also stops cool air escaping out through your windows.

The Origin

For doors and windows to function they must have gaps between there edges and frame . These gaps allow easy opening, closing and accommodate for normal building movement .

These gaps can also allow the intrusion of :

  • Noise
  • Smoke
  • Rain
  • Cold draughts,
  • Dust and embers
  • Light
  • Insects and vermin

And the leakage of:

  • Heating
  • Air conditioning

The Solution

Secondary glazing can prevent the major impact of such gaps around your windows.

Air Permeability Test


This defines the ability of the window to resist air penetration when it is subjected to differential pressure and is a measure of the air which seeps through the test window at given test pressures.

The average amount of air which leaks through a metre of the opening weather seal (as seen from the inside of the window) is measured and the measurements are calibrated in cubic metres (m 3), per hour, per metre of opening seal. A two panel slider 1215 W x 1193 H was fitted to a test rig at BSI in Hemel Hempstead.

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