Quick & Easy Installation of Secondary Double Glazing

Double glazed windows & doors installation

Many people have decided to install double glazing for soundproofing to reduce unwanted noise, to block or eliminate drafts or to reduce heat loss or transfer through windows so as to reduce heating or cooling costs.

However, traditional double glazing of glass windows & doors, in addition to the relatively high costs are very disruptive, inconvenient & time consuming to install due to the need to completely remove the existing windows & doors & replace them with two entirely new panes of glass.

And of course, removing existing windows or doors always generates a lot of dust & mess that someone must then clean up.

Secondary double glazing is much quicker & less disruptive to install

With secondary double glazing, we retrofit a second window or door to the inside of your existing window or door. Because we do not remove the existing door or window, this dramatically reduces the time taken & disruption caused during the installation process.

Our experts accurately measure your existing windows &/or doors during your free, on-site consultation to ensure that once manufactured, the secondary window or door & new frame fits as snugly as possible in the existing space.

This is critially important particularly with existings homes as oftentimes, frames are not “square” & the optimum solution is to produce a secondary window or door & frame that is also not “square” but rather specific to an individual window or door opening.

Then, with the perfectly matched new window or door, it is a simple matter of installing the frame & sealing it & then fitting the new glass door or window & the installation job is done!

As a result, we typically install our secondary double glazing solutions in less than one hour per window or door … and there is no residual mess to clean up!

… and its cheaper

At Sound Proof Windows, our secondary double glazing gives you better results than for traditional double glazing at typically less than 50% of the cost of traditional double glazing.

Not only does secondary double glazing save you money & is quicker & less disruptive to install but the soundproofing, draft reduction, thermal benefit, bug & dust elimination & reduced condensation results are far superior!

See for yourself

Take a look at our Video Gallery where you can see just how simple, quick & straightforward the installation process is for secondary double glazing of windows & doors. These 3-5  minute videos take you through an edited installation process for various types of windows & doors & show you exactly how our secondary double glazing installers install your new retrofited double glazed windows & doors, quickly and with minimal disruption & mess.

Double glazing installation means removing existing windows
Traditional double glazing requires removal of old windows or doors & installation of completely new ones.
Secondary double glazing is much quicker, less disruptive and easier to install
Secondary double glazing is much quicker, less disruptive and easier to install

What do our customers say?

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Why does secondary glazing perform better?

It’s all about the gap – physics tells us and tests verify, that the larger the air gap between the panes of glass, the better the reduction of sound and energy transferring through the glass.

Double glazing only provides a very thin air gap as compared to secondary glazed windows, and, as a result, provides far less effective soundproofing & window insulation.

Also, when we install the secondary window, we completely seal the secondary window frame, providing you with an additional barrier blocking noise, heat transfer & drafts. With traditional double glazed windows, gaps can remain around the frame defeating the purpose of the expenditure.

When you choose Sound Proof Windows, there is no catch! We will come to you for a no obligation quotation at your premises at a time that suits.

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