Double Glazed Windows – No Match For Secondary Glazing

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Don’t commit to double glazed windows until you’ve read this.

Benefits of double glazed windows

Once upon a time, double glazed windows were the standard solution for soundproofing to reduce unwanted noise, block or eliminate drafts & reduce heat loss or transfer through windows to reduce heating or cooling costs.

Are you on a busy street? Double-glazed windows and doors do keep out the noise.

Freezing in the dead of winter? Double-glazed windows do keep in the heat.

Would you like to reduce the cost of air conditioning in summer? Double glazing does provide an additional & effective layer of insulation to help reduce cooling (& heating) costs.

What are double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows have two panes of glass to provide improved sound proofing and insulation.

Traditional double glazing is where a new double glass window replaces the existing single pane glass window.

What are secondary glazed windows?

Secondary double glazing means installing a second single glass pane window (or door) on the inside of your existing window (or door) in your apartment, home or office.

The downside of traditional Double Glazing

But, although somewhat efficient, the removal & replacement of a perfectly good single pane windows followed by the installation of new double-glazed windows, with two completely new panes of glass, is much more costly.

And, given that the existing windows need to be completely removed, the installation process is much more time consuming & disruptive.

Benefits of Secondary Double Glazing

At Sound Proof Windows, we’ve come up with a solution at less than 50% of the cost of an average double glazed window, & they can be installed typically in one hour per window.

Not only does it save you money & is quicker & less disruptive to install but the soundproofing & draft reduction results are far superior!

It’s called secondary double glazing, where we retrofit a second window to the inside of your existing window.

Why is retro-fitted double glazing so much cheaper?

To upgrade your existing windows to incorporate double glazing means having to rip out & dispose of the existing or original windows and install completely new double-glazed windows.

With secondary glazing we install a new window on the room side of your existing window to create double glass windows. This is also called retrofitted double-glazing.

As a result, you get to keep your existing windows as we simply fit a new window over them, giving you double-glazed soundproof windows whilst you’re only paying for one new pane of glass rather than two.

And, if you want to know just how cheap our secondary double glazed windows are or ‘How much are retro-fitted secondary double glazed windows?‘, simply go to our Double Glazed Windows Costs page where we list costs per meter for various window types.

Why does secondary glazing perform better?

It’s all about the gap – the laws of physics tell us and tests verify, that the larger the air gap between the panes of glass, the better the reduction of sound and energy (or heat) transferring through the glass.

Double glazing only provides a very thin air gap as compared to secondary glazed windows, and, as a result, provides far less effective soundproofing & insulation.

Also, when we install the secondary window, we completely seal the secondary window frame, providing you with an additional barrier for blocking noise, heat transfer, bugs, dust & drafts.

With traditional double glazed windows, gaps can remain around the frame, effectively defeating the purpose of the expenditure.

Will Secondary Double Glazing alter the look of my home?

The installation of traditional double glazing in Melbourne homes requires the removal of the existing windows. With retrofitting or secondary glazing, you keep your original windows and subsequently the original feel of your home. So, as a result, it’s possible to have double glazing on existing aluminium windows thru to classic older style lead light windows!

And remember, if you have a heritage listed home or in some body corporate situations, you may not be able to install traditional double glazing. Secondary glazing can bypass these restrictions as the external appearance of your property does not change.

What’s the catch?

When you choose secondary double glazing, there is no catch! We will come to you for a fre, no obligation quotation at your home, apartment or office premises at a time that suits you. Contact us now.

You can speak to one of our friendly window technicians and discuss how secondary double glazing can transform your home or business today by calling us on 1300 127 173 or by using our Contact Form to send us a message & we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Double glazing air gap is much smaller than for Secondary Glazing.
Double glazing installation means removing existing windows
Double glazed windows construction view