Stop Condensation on Windows & Doors

Condensation on Windows & Doors

A common problem in many houses & homes is condensation forming on the inside of glass windows & doors, so many people do ask what is the most cost effective means to stop condensation forming on existing glass windows &/or doors? … or … What is the best window condensation solution in Melbourne?

How to stop condensation on windows
Water condensation on glass windows.

What causes window condensation?

A difference in temperature & humidity between the outside and inside surfaces of glass causes condensation which in turn causes the windows to fog up or “sweat”.

This condensation can occur on both glass windows & glass doors which face both the inside & outside of your house, particularly in winter months when heating is used to warm the inside of your house.

Left untreated, this damp can ultimately cause damage to the window frame & cause mould to form.

If you install our scondary double glazed windows &/or doors, it will significantly reduce the condensation on your glass windows &/or doors, and in many cases may stop it completely.

How do you stop condensation on glass windows & doors?

Our secondary double glazed windows & doors are the best & most cost effective means of stopping condensation forming on existing glass windows &/or doors.

We will install a completely new secondary window &/or door on the inside of your existing windows &/or doors to form an insulating air space to prevent condensation forming.

Both traditional double glazed or dual pane windows &/or doors & our secondary double glazed windows &/or doors have a sealed air space between the glass and just like an insulated cup, this helps significantly to stop condensation.

However, with traditional double glazing, if & when the seal does break, the resulting internal or interior condensation causes water spots on the inside double glazed glass surfaces, which cannot be cleaned.

Our secondary double glazed windows &/or doors provide easy access to all glass surfaces, so the problem of cleaning is eliminated.

In most cases, our secondary double glazed windows &/or doors stop condensation sufficiently to end your glass window &/or door condensation problems completely.

Stop condensation on windows & doors
Damp has damaged this window resulting in rotting wood and peeling paint.

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