Frequently Asked Questions

Secondary Double Glazing FAQs

Does your product really work

Yes it most certainly does This product has been manufactured since 1970 ( for the last 46 years ) and it is estimated that between 4.5 to 5 million windows have been manufactured and installed in Britain and Europe using this system Please see references from Australian customers on our homepage.

Does secondary glazing require planning permission?

No, unless the door or window must be installed externally which is very rare.

Do you remove all existing windows?

No we don’t remove your existing windows. Our secondary glazing System is screwed to the inside of your existing windows.

How to measure windows for secondary glazing?

If the secondary glazed window can fit inside the window frame (ie. the window handles don’t protrude too far) then measure inside the window frame.

If not, the window must be placed outside the window frame (called face fix). Then measure the window including the architrave at side, top & bottom.

Is your window frame fat and bulky?

No. In fact it is very slim. Our outer frame is only 36 mm from front to back. Often there is room to fit our window inside yours but if not we can fit it on the architrave.

How do you fit secondary glazed windows?

We typically install our secondary glazing with screws no more that 400mm apart. And all our door & window frames are discretely siliconed in to close any gaps.

Do you use glass in your windows?

Yes we use 6.38 laminated glass this is made up of 3 mm glass, interlay and then 3 mm glass, all heat bonded together. All our glass is bought locally and we have deliveries to our factory approximately every 48 hours.

After you have installed your window will I be able to open my existing window?

We will design our secondary glazed window so it can be opened to give you access to your openers where it is required.

Can Secondary Glazing help with window moisture & mould?

Condensation often occurs on single pane windows, normally in bedrooms &/ or bathrooms where you have a single pane of glass which is cold on the outside & warm inside. The condensation occurs on the inside.

If you install a secondary glazed window in the bathroom or bedroom, our new internal window would be the same temperature as the room, therefore drastically reducing likelihood of any condensation forming.

Can you tint Secondary Glazed windows?

So as to not effect acoustic or thermal performance, we recommend that if tinting is required, you tint your existing windows before installing our secondary glazed windows.

Are magnetic secondary glazed windows good?

Magnetic secondary glazing involves installing a secondary window which is stuck to a frame around your existing window with magnets.

To open your window you have to physically remove the entire window. Just think about how would you go dealing with that … particularly for a large & thus heavy window … and what if you drop it!

We think in most cases that our solution is far better than magnetic secondary glazing. Contact us to find out why.

Double Glazing Windows & Doors FAQs

How much are double glazed windows?

Our secondary double glazed windows are typically 30% or more less than traditional double glazed windows as we don’t completely replace the existing window but rather add a sealed unit inside your existing window.

We charge as little as $500 m2 for double glazed windows manufacture, supply & installation (includes GST) in Melbourne.

What is a double glazed window?

A double glazed window is simply a window with multiple panes of glass with an air gap in between the panes of glass to aid noise reduction or soundproofing & reduced thermal transfer (ie. Less heat out in winter & heat in in summer).

There are two approaches to double glazing windows. The more expensive option is to completely replace the existing window with a new window with two panes of glass. Then there’s our much cheaper & less disruptive approach, where we simply fit a new window on the inside of your existing window.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is simply having two panes of glass in your door or window to reduce thermal transfer & noise.

You can either have traditional double glazing where your existing windows are completely replaced by dual pane windows or doors, or our much cheaper and better soundproofing option where we install a new door or window inside your existing windows.

How to insulate windows?

The best and cheapest option for thermal & noise insulation for existing windows is with secondary double glazing.

We install a new window inside your existing windows. The large air gap provides excellent soundproofing & thermal transfer or insulation benefits and is typically 30% or more cheaper than replacing your windows entirely.

Can double glazing units be resealed?

If you have traditional double glazing & have this problem, you can buy a kit online, which enables you to drill a small hole in the glass top & bottom, blow air into the holes to ventilate the moisture out & then reseal the holes.

This problem does not occur with secondary double glazing.

Does DIY double glazing work?

It certainly is possible, but most DIY or Do It Yourself Double glazing solutions don’t allow you access to your existing windows to open and close them. This can be a limitation to your lifestyle.

Soundproofing FAQs

How to soundproof a room?

Double glazing windows & doors is a great way to reduce noise and help soundproof a room.

For an existing property, our secondary glazing gives you better sound or noise reduction (Test results show a Sound Reduction Index of 45 decibels) due to a larger air gap and is typically 30% or more less cost than for traditional double glazing where the existing window is replaced in its entirety.

How to soundproof a door?

Double glazed doors provide great soundproofing for doors.

Our secondary glazing solution, where we fit a new door inside your existing door, is the cheapest method to provide double glazing for existing doors (ie. Patio doors, French doors and the like).

How to soundproof windows?

Double glazing is the best & most effective way to soundproof windows.

But for an existing property, our secondary double glazed windows, where we fit a new window to the inside of your existing window is by far the cheapest method of soundproofing windows & in fact gives better soundproofing due to a larger air gap between the panes of glass.

How to soundproof your apartment?

Secondary double glazing of existing doors & windows in an apartment will have a significant soundproofing impact.

Tests show our double glazed windows have a Sound Reduction Index (SRI) of 45 dB (decibels). And as we don’t completely replace your doors & windows our solution is typically 30% or more cheaper.

How to reduce noise in your bedroom?

Secondary double glazing of existing doors & windows in a bedroom will have a significant soundproofing impact.

Tests show our double glazed windows have a Sound Reduction Index (SRI) of 45 dB (decibels). And as we don’t completely replace your doors & windows our solution is typically 30% or more cheaper.

Why do sound proof windows work?

Using double glazing for sound proofing windows works because there is a sound insulating layer of air sandwiched between two panes of glass which disrupts sound wave vibrations.

Our secondary double glazing works better than traditional double glazing as the air gap is larger. Tests show we have a Sound Reduction Index of 45 dB (decibels).

Do you offer total soundproofing?

In a word, no. But, we have installed our secondary glazed windows with great results in Sound Studios & Music Studios.

So, if your son or daughter plays the drums & the neighbours complain, we can certainly help.

Orders FAQs

How long does it take from placing an order to get the windows manufactured?

Manufacture is approximately 3 to 4 weeks. And remember, it only typically takes us one hour per window to install them.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes we require approximately 25% deposit before we will commence manufacture.

How do we pay the deposit and then the final balance?

We carry a mobile EFTPOS machine so we can take MasterCard, American Express, And Visa Cards. You can also do a online transfer directly into our bank and We also accept cash and cheque.