Double Glazed Doors

How to soundproof a glass door?

For soundproofing glass doors, eliminating drafts & to save on heating & cooling, we offer secondary double glazed doors as an alternative to traditional double glazed doors throughout Melbourne & surrounding suburbs. For soundproofing doors including sliding doors, glass doors, glass sliding, patio or french doors, secondary double glazed glass doors are not only cheaper than traditional double glazing, but are also much less disruptive & much quicker to install.

Retrofitting double glazing on existing glass doors

For soundproofing glass doors, we offer two basic approaches to retrofitting secondary double glazing over existing doors:-

  1. Fit a new fixed glazed door panel on the inside of you existing door over your existing glass. This door glazing approach has the avantage of an ultra slimline aluminium frame with a large neoprene gasket which absorbs noise vibration.
  2. Or we install a new interior glass door on a hinged frame with a lockable handle on the inside of the existing door.

LIMITATION: We can’t go above 2400 mm with a single pane of glass for door glazing or double glazed doors.

Double gazing french doors with hinge in frame secondary glazing. French doors double glazed Melbourne.

Double Glazed French Doors

For double glazing French Doors, our secondary glazing method means we install inward opening French Doors that are simply fitted to the inside of your existing French Doors giving you full access to your original doors.

You get all the benefits of double glazing French doors at a much lower cost than with complete replacement via traditional double glazed French doors.

And to the best of our knowledge, we are the only company in Melbourne offering secondary glazed French doors in Melbourne.


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Double Glazed Single Glass Doors

Our secondary glazed single doors are hinged on the inside and are inward opening to give you full access to your original glass door.

We can provide secondary glazed glass doors for both single & double glass doors in Melbourne.


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Seondary Double Glazed Doors
Double Glazed Patio Doors

Double Glazed Sliding Doors & Patio Doors

Using our secondary glazing system we install a new internal glass door inside your existing patio doors to give you sliding double glazed doors. To gain access to your original door you simply open our new one first and then your existing door. You still get the benefits of glass doors for your viewing pleasure & you also get better insulated & soundproof doors at much lower costs.

Optional locks are available for additional security for your secondary double glazed door.


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More Information? Quotes? Prices?

If you have an existing glass door that you want to double glaze, our secondary double glazing is more cost effective, provides better soundproofing & thermal insulation & it’s guaranteed to stop drafts, dust & insects. And, because we do not have to completely remove the existing door(s), installation is far less disruptive & usually completed in around an hour.

To get a free, no obligation on-site quote for secondary double glazing of doors for soundproofing a door, or if you have any questions regarding door soundproofing or our secondary double glazed doors, either call us now on 1300 127 173 or complete our online Contact Form & we will be in contact soon.

We are the specialists in Melbourne for secondary double glazing doors.