Add Value To Your Home

/Add Value To Your Home

If you’re looking for home improvements to add value to your home, then secondary double glazing of windows & doors is a sound investment.

Our precision installation and high quality materials – including Polypropylene Weatherpile – eliminate drafts, bugs, smoke and dust. Our retrofitted double glazing for existing windows & doors keeps out the Melbourne environment all year round.

Your house will be more liveable. It will be quieter, have reduced dust & bugs and be cheaper to heat & to cool depending on the season.

Improve the resale value of your home with a quieter, more energy efficient building. Currently, energy efficient homes fitted with doubled glazed windows & doors are highly prized by buyers and with the rising energy costs, this trend is sure to continue.

And by retrofitting double glazing, with the reduced material cost, you will save typically of the order of 30% as compared to installing completely new double glazed windows & doors.

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