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Double Glazing Sliding Patio Doors

Our secondary double glazed soundproof patio doors & double glazed sliding doors are a cheaper means of secondary glazing sliding doors for existing patio doors & they also eliminate drafts & provide additional insulation from the heat &/or cold.

Using our secondary double glazing system we replicate your patio doors so you can still gain access to your original sliding patio door & you effectively get a double glass sliding door. You would simply slide open our new door first and then open your existing patio door or sliding door to gain access to your patio.

And do remember, we have locks available as an option to provide increased security.

Please note that we are only company who manufacture triple track secondary glazed patio doors. So, if you have triple track patio doors, contact us on 1300 127 173 or use our online contact form to send us a message.

If you are interested in installing double glazing for soundproofing a sliding door, or you want your sliding door double glazed for whatever reason, we can offer you an obligation free, on-site consultation where we will explain how secondary double glazing works, the benefits of secondary double glazing & give you a free, no obligation quote.

For secondary double glazed sliding doors or patio doors, contact us now on 1300 127 173 or use our contact form to send us a message.

Cost of Double Glazed Patio Doors

NOTE: With the variations in the exchange rates due to the ongoing impact to supply chains of the Coronavirus pandemic, our retro-fitted double glazed sliding doors prices are fluctuating wildly. As a result, we have temporarily removed the pricing from tables below.

Please contact us for the current pricing.

Number of Doors Cost / Sq. M.
(including GST)
1 or more doors tba
Minimum Charge*: tba (0.6 m2)


  • Powder coat colour matched aluminium sliding doors will incur additional costs. We can do just about any Powder Coat colour available in Australia. You just need to ask!
  • There may be travel costs incurred for work done outside Melbourne suburbs (eg. Country locations such as Ballarat)
  • Minimum Charge: Minimum costs apply of 0.6 sq m minimum per door


We offer a 5 Year Guarantee on all double glazed sliding doors or patio door components INCLUDING springs but EXCLUDING the glass itself.

More information? Prices? Quotes?

If you require more information or a no obligation free quote to soundproof double glazed patio doors, double glazed sliding doors or soundproof sliding doors, please call us on 1300 127 173 or use our Contact Form to send us a message.

Double Glazed Patio Doors