Retrofitting Secondary Double Glazing to Existing Leadlight Windows

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Installing New Vertical Slider Over Leadlight Window

This video shows the installation of a retrofitted vertical slider window over an existing vertical counter-balanced leadlight window.  You can see …

  1. How fast & simple the installation process is.
    Unlike with traditional double glazing we do not have to rip out the existing window, so it literally takes minutes to install & theres no mess to clean up!
  2. How we completely seal the new windows to not only provide additional soundproofing & insulation, but also eliminate drafts, dust & bugs.
  3. How well the new windows blend in with the existing decor.
    We even install colour matching strips over the area where we insert the fixing screws, so they are not visible …  unlike some other solutions!
  4. How practical and simple retrofitted double glazing is to use on a daily baisis.
    Also shows you how you would open & close the new window & gain access to the existing leadlight window.

You will clearly see how beautiful & effective our retrofitted double glazing will be in your home … seeing is believing!

Installing vertical slider secondary glazing over existing leadlight window

Key points

Original window: Vertical slider leadlight window

Our solution: Retrofit vertical counterbalanced slider window to double glaze existing leadlight window

Customer Issue: Soundproofing, eliminate drafts

Video sections: 

  • Align & install ultra-thin frame
  • Secure frame with screws
  • Install colour matched strips to hide screws
  • Install window inserts manufactured with 6.38mm laminated glass
  • Seal around edges of frame to completely seal new windows for sound proofing & to eliminate drafts, dust & insects
  • Shows how vertical slider windows can be moved to gain access to the existing window
  • The new window blends in perfectly and is virtually invisible

More information? Prices? Quotes?

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