Keep Your Existing Windows

//Keep Your Existing Windows

Secondary double glazed windows are visually appealing

Retrofitted secondary double glazing doors & windows are visually appealing

Want to double glaze existing windows?

Better soundproofing & thermal efficiencies

Do you have existing windows and need or want to reduce noise &/or improve the thermal efficiency in your home & save on energy costs for heating & cooling? Retrofitting secondary double glazed windows is not only cheaper but also provides better soundproofing & most likely better thermal efficiencies than traditional double glazing.

Stop condensation

Do you have condensation forming on your glass windows &/or doors? Lef untreated this could cause damage & result in you needing to replace your frames. Secondary double glazing is the best & most cost effective means to stop condensation forming.

Less time & disruption to install

And, it takes much less time & less disruption to install secondary glazed windows.  With retrofitted secondary double glazing of doors & windows, we simply install a second door or window on the inside of your existing windows or doors. That’s right, no need to tamper with or remove your existing windows &/or doors.

Thin, unobtrusive & visually appealing

And from a visual standpoint, our secondary glazed doors & windows are so thin and unobtrusive, you’ll barely notice they’re there.

Suitable for heritage listed buildings & Strata Titles

This is a particularly useful service for heritage buildings or decorative buildings or many strata title situations, where it is important to retain the existing external appearance or style & as a result, traditional double glazed solutions are not able to be installed.

And, best of all it’s cheaper!

And, as compared to traditional double glazing where you are paying for replacing your existing glass with two additional panes of glass, as you are only purchasing a single new pane of glass, we can provide you with the acoustic, draft elimination & thermal benefits from double glazing at typically more than 30% less cost than for traditional double glazing.

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