Appearance of Double Glazed Windows & Doors


How Do Sound Proof Double Glazed Windows and Doors Look?

Some people find it hard to judge the appearance of our modern double glazed winndows or secondary double glazed windows as they are so unobtrusive.

Not only do our sound proof secondary glazed windows & doors have sound-reducing capabilities that are second-to-none, but the ultra thin, robust frames we use blend right in so that our modern double glazed windows & doors remain as unobtrusive as possible.

And our colour matching system will enable you to colour match the secondary glazed windows & doors with your homes existing colour scheme.

Our custom secondary double glazed windows and doors blend in so well, it’s hard to clearly show you what they look like, but you can check out our Photo Gallery or look carefully at the example below of one of our Melbourne installations to see the before and after difference, and how well our modern secondary double glazed windows and doors blend in to existing interiors.

Double glazed hinged windows
Double glazed hinged windows


Sound Proof Windows and Doors come in several functioning styles, including:

Window Styles we can double glaze include:-

  • Leadlight & Stained Glass Windows
  • Bay windows
  • Colonial Windows
  • Sash Windows or Double Hung Windows
  • Steel Windows (Crittle Frames) … our system was designed with these windows in mind!

Window Styles we cannot double glaze include:-

  • Arched Windows (with arched head)
  • Round Windows
  • Raked Windows or Angled Window (ie not square)
Secondary double glazing is cheaper and better at reducing noise or soundproofing & will eliminate drafts
Our secondary double glazed doors & windows are made from the highest quality materials

SoundProof Windows & Doors



Our Window systems reduce the sound your exsisting windows let through by up to 70%


Our ultra-thin frames mean we can get maximum performance but remain unobtrusive.


We make all of our custom windows and Doors in Melbourne to exact specifications from the best local and European imported materials.


All our ultra slim aluminium frames are finished in powder coat paint.

Colour range:

  • Special White
  • White Birch
  • Primrose
  • Van Dyke Brown
  • Anodised Silver

We can also colour match any colour to your existing frames as a special order.

Double glazed patio doors & windows
Double glazed patio doors & windows


Metal Sections are manufactured from HE9 extruded aluminium to B.S. 1474 and standard finish is anodised to B.S. 1615 AA5. Glazing is with flexible P.V.C. gasket


Sealing for horizontal and vertical slide units is by twin Polypropylene Weatherpile and the hinged and fixed units are sealed by the use of long-life closed cell expanded neoprene gaskets.


Glazing can be with 4mm, 6mm or our high performance 6.38mm laminated glass as required.


All our products are installed with utter most care and attention to detail by those with years of industry experience.

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