Double Glazed Windows


Secondary Double Glazing Windows Melbourne

If you are here, then you’re likely looking for double glazed window products & solutions & if you’re in Melbourne, Victoria, we can certainly help with our effective & low cost windows glazing solution!

Secondary Double Glazed Windows Benefits

If you have existing windows & you’re considering window glazing for noise reduction or insulation, why go to the added expense of replacement double glazed windows, when retrofitting secondary glazing is not only typically up to 30% cheaper but also provides better soundproofing & thermal insulation (to save on heating & cooling costs) and also eliminates drafts completely?

And finally, for double glazing or double pane windows, our installation process is far quicker & less disruptive than when you have to completely rip out existing perfectly good windows & install completely new double pane windows.

Modern Secondary Glazing

We have a wide range of finishes and colours so as to ensure our retrofited secondary glazing can blend in perfectly with your existing decor.  And our ultra thin frames deliver high performance double pane windows glazing but also remain very unobtrusive. (see the Appearance page)

We can retrofit double glazing to the following styles of existing windows:

Vertical or horizontal sliding windows

Leadlight windows

Bay windows

Colonial windows

Sash windows or double hung windows

Steel windows. Also called Crittle Frame windows.

Stained glass windows

Windows styles we cannot double glaze include:

Arched windows (with arched head)

Round windows

Raked windows or angled windows (ie not square)

Double Glazed Windows Enquiries

Specifically suited to existing houses & homes, we think we offer the best double glazed windows solution in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs.

If you have any questions or you’re in doubt regarding insulation or noise reduction for sash windows, bay windows, leadlight windows or stained glass windows or just want to understand your windows glazing options or want a double glass window price quotation, please contact us on 1300 127 173 or use our Contact form to send us a message or to arrange a free, on-site, no obligation consultation, measure & quotation for retrofitting double glazing to existing windows throughout Melbourne, Victoria. For low cost & highly effective soundproofing & insulation for existing glass windows contact us today.

Double glazing casement, sash & vertical sliding windows with retrofitted Vertical Slider window for double glazing

Vertical Sliding Windows

We offer cost effective retrofitted double glazing for vertical sliding windows. And yes, this does include double glazed sash windows.

Our double glazed vertical sliding window units are all doubly sealed with twin Polypropylene Weatherpile.

The vertical sliders are operated via the full-length handles located on the bottom of each window panel.

The secondary double glazed window panels can be slid to any position as required and are held in position by the spring balances in the side of the outer frame.

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Horizontal Sliding Windows

Our retrofitted secondary glazing for double glazed horizontal sliding windows are our most popular style of retrofitted double glazed windows in Melbourne.

The horizontal slide windows are opened via a handle running the full length of the window panel and slide left or right as required. They make it easy to access your existing windows when you need them, while providing efficient, cost-effective sound and temperature insulation.

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Double Glazed Horizontal Slider Windows
Double glazed hinged windows

Hinged Unit / Panel Windows

Retrofitted secondary double glazed hinged window units can be fitted to almost any shape of window.

They provide effective thermal insulation and sound reduction simply and inexpensively.

Our secondary glazing hinged window units are kept closed by an ingenious semi-automatic catch, unsurpassed for it’s effective simplicity.

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Lift-out Windows

Our lift out windows are often installed when secondary or double glazing is required for an existing window that is rarely opened. This double glazing lift out window features a user friendly handle at the bottom for easy access and removal of the secondary double glazed window panel.


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Double glazing lift out windows
Secondary double glazing fixed windows

Fixed Panel Windows

Fixed panel secondary glazed windows cannot be opened. The purpose of fitting fixed panel secondary double glazing windows is to allow light to enter while reducing sound, maintaining temperature and reducing drafts.

These tailor made secondary double glazed window panels can be manufactured to any shape desired and they provide effective thermal insulation and sound reduction – simply and inexpensively.


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