Double Glazed Windows Cost

If you want to install double glazed windows in an existing house, home, apartment, office, warehouse or in fact any building … to reduce noise, improve thermal efficiency, eliminate drafts or bugs … then your must read this first … it will potentialy save you thousands of dollars.

How to minimise double glazed windows costs.

Double glazing on windows or doors is an ideal, energy-efficient, noise reducing option that provides you with the benefits of a more controlled room temperature with substantial noise reduction, but replacing perfectly good existing windows or doors & installing traditional double glazed windows can be quite expensive as you need to rip out & replace the existing windows & doors & then install completely new double glazed windows or doors … not to mention the time & disruption involved!

At Soundproof Windows we have a better & cheaper solution for affordable double glazing existing windows & doors that gives you all of the traditional double glazed window benefits.

It’s called secondary glazing.

Simply put, we install a new tight fitting window or door on the inside of your existing window or door. As a result of requiring less material and effort to install, we can offer affordable double glazed windows & doors at much less cost than traditional double glazing for homes and offices with existing glass doors & windows. And with the larger gap between the glass panes, it is better at soundproofing & thermal insulation that the traditional double glazing solutions! And also, because we provide a secondary seal around the new window or door, we can guarantee you will eliminate drafts & stop dust entering your house through gaps in window & door seals.

So, if you are planning to upgrade your existing windows through double glazing, Sound Proof Windows can provide a better solution & save you money.

Having been installed in domestic & commercial properties for more than 40 years in the UK and Europe, our professionals in Melbourne can deliver efficient & affordable solutions at the most competitive rates. You can see our secondary glazed windows costs page for specific prices of our double glazing solutions.

In our experience, the cost of our affordable secondary double window & door glazing is typically more than 30% less than traditional double glazing.

Double Glazing Cost Factors

A number of factors contribute to the double glazed windows prices in Melbourne:

  • Type of windows
  • Size of windows
  • Double glazing material
  • Design and style
  • Colour and finishes
  • Security features
  • Glazing requirements

Double Glazed Doors Prices

The cost to double glaze doors will depend on the type of door, it’s size & the type of double glazing solution you choose. But, you can expect an increase in price by at least 25% – 35% for a traditional double glazed door than with our secondary glazed doors.
Secondary glazing doors is cheaper as it allows you to keep your existing doors while simply fitting a new door over them, but your still get the thermal & acoustic benefits of double glazing.
This can be the only solution in heritage listed homes and some strata title situations.
Soundproofing with double glazed patio doors

How Much Does Sound Proofing Windows Cost

Soundproofing windows is best achieved with some form of double glazing.

For new properties, traditional double glazing is the best approach. If however, you have an existing property, secondary glazing is far cheaper and provides better results, without you having to spend a fortune.

We offer a secondary glazed window that is installed snugly on the inside of your existing windows. This is much cheaper than having to pay to completely replace your existing perfectly good windows and then go through the inconvenience of installing conventional double glazed windows for soundproofing.

If you want or need to match new soundproof windows with the existing interior of your property, our colour matching service, where we can match almost any interior colour scheme, is for you.

You should also note that with our secondary glazing system, you end up with a much wider air gap which helps absorb more noise.

So, why would you pay much, much more than you necessary to have your house double glazed when you could use our ultra slimline system which would perform better at around half the cost?

Traditional double glazing only has a small air gap for thermal & sound insulation. Secondary glazing is better!Confused About Choosing the Best Double Glazed Windows? Talk to Us Today!

If you are confused about with your options for double glazed windows in Melbourne & the seemingly massive price variations, do not worry.

Speak to one of our professional window technicians who will assess all the aspects of your particular situation and provide you with a fixed price quotation for a double glazing solution that will fit both your budget and requirements. Call us today on 1300 127 173 or use our Contact form to send us a message!