verticle slider

Vertical Slider

Vertical Slider doors are one of our most popular products. Like the sliding windows, these doors are effortlessly slid open and closed by the full-length handles located on the bottom of each panel.

The panels can be slid to any position as required and are held in position by the spring balances in the side of the outer frame.

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Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal Slider

We can also retrofit glass sliding doors to order. This will effectively give you a double glazed sliding door!

Horizontal sliding glass doors are opened via a handle running the full length of the panel and slide left or right as required.

Our thin and stylish frame design enables our product to blend in with your room.

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Hinged Unit / Panel

Hinged Units are a simple and inexpensive way to achieve effective thermal insulation and sound reduction.

These Units are retained closed by an ingenious, semi-automatic catch which is unsurpassed for effective simplicity.

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Patio Doors

Using our system we can replicate your patio doors so to gain access to your original door you would open our new one first and then yours.

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Fixed Panel

Fixed Panel

Fix panels are a great solution where you have an original window that is fixed. We manufacture a single pain of glass with an aluminum wraparound frame that is screwed directly to your window frame.

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French Windows

French Windows

We produce inward opening French doors that can be fitted to the inside of your doors giving you full access to your original doors.

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Single Windows

Our single doors are hinged on the inside and are inward opening to give you full access to your original door.

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