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Secondary double glazing for noise reduction is an established method in acoustic glazing technology, providing sound relief wherever noise is a problem. Secondary glazing benefits new build and refurbishment projects, helping to create quieter interiors and reducing the harmful effects of noise pollution in both the workplace and the home.

Windows Sound Insulation

Noise reduction tests carried out by the Building Research Establishment with a 100mm air gap between the external window and the new secondary glazing have produced results indicating the average double glazing noise reduction levels as follows:

Window noise reduction graph of results

Sound Insulating Windows Melbourne

Here the difference our windows make in this video demonstrations:

How does sound travel?

Sound travels through the air like ripples on a pond surface when a stone is dropped into it. The sound radiates outwards in all directions from the source, gradually reducing in intensity or until an object, such as ‘stop noise double glazing’, halts its progress.

Sound (dB Decibels)

Sound is described in different ways but primarily in terms of intensity and frequency. The sound intensity is described in dB. A low dB indicates a soft sound, a high dB value indicates a loud sound. Frequency describes how high or low pitched the sound is (Hz).

Sound Reduction

How much sound can noise reduction windows affect? A stereo’s volume set at 60dB decreased by…

  • 3dB is only just perceptible
  • 5dB clearly noticeable
  • 10dB Half the original volume

Recommended Indoor Ambient Noise Levels


  • Bedrooms 30-35dB
  • Living rooms 30-40dB


  • Private 35-40dB
  • Open plan 45-50dB

Typical noise levels

  • 50 metres overhead aircraft 140dB
  • Car alarm 120dB
  • Passing train 90dB
  • 20 metres from busy carriageway 78dB
  • 20 metres from busy main road 68dB

Keeping sound in

70% of people admit to feeling harassed by noise. Loud music remains the main source of noise complaints. Secondary ‘stop noise’ double glazing is an excellent solution for hotels, pubs and clubs or factories close to housing to keep noise in.

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Noise Reduction & Sound Insulating Windows in Melbourne

Whether you live in the heart of the city or throughout the suburbs there are many benefits of noise reducing insulated windows for Melbourne's best specialist in soundproofing windows check soundproof glazing today Soundproofing is reducing the sound in the home or commercial building.

Noise can intrude your home in various ways the most effective solutions being sound insulating windows also known as secondary glazing.

Melbourne based residents who live in busy areas such as main roads or open areas often struggle with loud sounds from outside our selection of noise reduction, stop noise Windows offers that level of privacy and comfort to your home.

Windows Sound Insulation – Melbourne homes will love

Now you can dramatically reduce your noise problem with noise insulated windows as Melbourne's go to store for all things soundproofing Windows and doors.

We can deliver an effective solution to decrease noise in your home or office.

Our sound insulating windows are manufactured with.

Our ultra slim secondary glazeing system for ultimate noise reduction they have been tested for quality and durability to insure you receive a product that not only works but also last a life time.

Once secondary glazing is installed you now have a double glazed window with a large gap between the two panes of glass this works best for reducing noise and has many benefits for homes and commercial spaces including helping to create a quieter indoor space and also lessening the toxic effects of noise pollution are you ready to invest in noise insulated windows contact Melbourne's most trusted noise reduction specialists.

Noise Insulating Windows for Melbourne homeowners

As the population increases in cities around Australia.

Therefore the noise increasing and the need for insulating windows to reduce noise in Melbourne's homes and businesses.

No matter what type of noise problem you have from airport traffic , car traffic to loud neighbours.

Our quality secondary glaze system can resolve the noise issue our products are suitable for many office buildings because They can reduce noise distractions and increase productivity do you have an issue with noise but I'm not sure how to fix it call us or visit our store to speak to a professional about sound insulating windows for your Melbourne home or business

The best way to stop noise in your Melbourne home - Stop Noise Windows

Distracting loud noise not only affects residential homes but also many public areas and businesses such as restaurants office spaces hospitals and health care facilities Secondary double glazing has been a popular option for many homeowners and commercial businesses throughout Melbourne The sound insulating windows Are affordable and effective solution to reduce all types of noise from traffic to barking dogs.

Our secondary double glazing system when it is installed on the inside of your existing window offers the greatest noise reduction.

For Melbourne's best window noise installation solutions call soundproof glazing today.