Benefits of Secondary Glazing

The Benefits of Secondary Glazing in Melbourne

Secondary glazing is far superior to double glazing and a perfect alternative to triple glazing (cheaper too). Sound Proof Windows has experienced and expert secondary glazing installers that can make your home or business peaceful, warm, and more energy efficient.

Reduce Noise

Keep sound out (or inside) of your house or business. For residential buildings, this means reducing noise from the street, nearby businesses, and the world in general, to create a peaceful home environment; for commercial glazing in Melbourne, the aim is more often to keep noise – from music bands, machinery, or crowds – inside the building.
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Save Energy Costs

Secondary glazing of windows helps to maintain the temperature in your room - saving energy costs. The additional layer of air is the perfect insulating material and stabilises inside temperatures.
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Stop Drafts

Our precision installation and high quality materials – including Polypropylene Weatherpile sealant – eliminate drafts, bugs, smoke and dust. Our window glazing keeps out the Melbourne environment in summer and winter.
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Add value to your home

Improve the resale value of your home with a quieter, more energy efficient building. Currently, energy efficient homes fitted with window glazing are highly prized by buyers and, with rising energy costs, it’s to be expected that this trend will continue.

Keep your existing windows

That's right, no need to tamper with or remove your existing windows. Our secondary glazing installers use new inner windows that are so thin and unobtrusive, you’ll barely notice they’re there. This is a particularly useful service for heritage buildings.
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