Double Glazing No Match For Secondary Glazing

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IMPORTANT: Don’t commit to double glazed windows until you’ve read this.

Once upon a time, window double glazing was the standard solution to unwanted noise and heat transfer through windows. Busy street? Double-glazed windows keep out the noise. Dead of winter? Double-glazed windows keep in the heat. Although efficient, the installation of double-glazing windows is costly, to say the least.

At Sound Proof Windows, we’ve come up with a solution at 50% of the cost of an average double-glazed window – not only is it a bank-saver, but the results are far superior! It’s called secondary glazing, or retrofit windows.

Why is Retofit Double Window Glazing cheaper?

To upgrade existing windows to double glazing means ripping out the original windows and adding costly new double glazed windows. Melbourne locals will be happy to hear about secondary glazing to create double glass windows. You get to keep your existing windows and fit a window over them, giving you fresh, discreet double glazing sound proofing windows.

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This is easily the more cost effective option than completely new high-price double glazed windows, but retrofit double glazing is quicker to install which minimizes any disruptions to your home or business.

Why does secondary glazing perform better?

It’s all about the gap – physics tells us and tests verify, that the larger the gap, the better the prevention of sound and energy transferring through the glass. Double glazing only provides a very thin air gap and, in turn, is far less effective.

Will Double Glazing Windows alter the look of my home?

The installation of double glazing Melbourne homes with new windows generally requires the removal of the older-style windows in order to fit the new. With retro-fitting, however, you can keep your original windows and subsequently the original feel of your home. It’s even possible to have double glazing on existing aluminum windows!

Sounds too good to be true. What’s the Catch?

When you choose Sound Proof Windows, there is no catch!

Will Double-Glazing Windows Alter the Look of My Home?

Of course, not all secondary glazing companies are the same. Some installed double glazing windows don’t effectively cut out noise, with bulky frame-styles compromising the aesthetic look and feel of your home.

You’ll research your options for providers of secondary glazing. But trust us – we stand out from the crowd with a big difference.

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Sound Proof Windows is a family-run Melbourne company who carefully manufactures and installs a secondary glazing product that has the best verified results and the thinnest, most unobtrusive frames on our aluminum double-glazed windows which will blend right in with your home or business. We can even provide retrofitted double glazed sash windows.

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Of course, look at the competition – but don’t miss an opportunity for a visit from a Sound Proof Windows Representative. Call us about the alternatives to double glazed glass in Melbourne today on 1300 127 173!

Benefits of Aluminium Double-Glazed Windows

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